Top List of the Best Cord Blood Bank in USA Near To You in 2021

Before going to find the best cord blood bank in USA, it is necessary to know what is the need of storing cord blood and what is the meaning of cord blood.Coming to the cord blood, it is the source of stem cells.

Stem cells are those cells from where all the cells that are needed for development of various organs and tissues arise. We will see in detail about today’s article. 

When it comes to the need of storing cord blood,this process of storing cord blood is the most efficient method as it matches the blood of the parents and it is stored in the frozen form thus it remains viable for decades.

So whenever liver transplantation or any other disease under the list of certain diseases which I describe below is needed to the parents this cord blood will be useful. For those emergency cases you must know which is the best cord blood bank in the USA. 

Let me tell you that cord blood is collected from umbilical cord after birth.There may be various cord blood banks like public cord blood banks and private cord blood banks.

Recent studies include the investigation of the possibility that stem cells in cord blood may even replace heart cells and nerve cells.If that would be successful then we can achieve miracles in the field of health care problems in the world.

Best Cord Blood Bank in USA

Till now Cord Blood Registry(CBR) is the best cord bank in USA.Others one’s are  also famous like Via Cord and Cryo-Cell International.

These are the top 3 best cord blood banks in USA.We need to compare the services of the blood banks to know the value,efficiency, pricing details and customer service.

Some provide with high charges and some provide reasonable pricing and some provide for those families only with medical conditions whereas some provide to those who are in need of stem cells.

Stem cells are also present in peripheral blood and bone marrow but the cord blood has it’s advantage of being collected in an easy method.All these blood banks have employees working under them and they are well upgraded with technology. Usually when we call customer service they come and clamp the umbilical cord, cut and tie it off.

The cut part of the cord has blood in it called as cord blood which is the purest and richest source of stem cells.This process should be done in sterile aseptic conditions. 

Things you need to know to choose a Cord blood bank:

  • Customer service:

This is the most important aspect to choose the cord blood bank,because when your beloved ones are in an emergency mode of delivery, and you don’t find a customer service agent  at that crucius time, it may lead to failure of storage of stem cells which you may be planning since many days and that emergency mode may be of premature labor, preterm labor and any emergency  delivery case of a pregnant woman. So you need to choose the best cord blood bank. Which offers the best customer service.

  • Storage conditions:

This is the next most important thing you need to enquire before registering the cord blood bank.For the proper storage of the stem cell the cord blood bank needs a cryopreservation cell with the liquid nitrogen, They should be stored under proper frozen conditions with continuous power supply.

  • Quality testing: 

The Members of the cord bank must check the condition of the stem cells whether they are healthy or if they are infected and they must also check for any genetic illnesses in the stem cells.

This helps to gain clarity to you and  your family so that whether the cord cells  if infected or with any genetic illnesses they will not be useful for the future transplantation purposes and curing diseases.

If you are not aware of this testing and blindly go for the cord blood bank for storage of stem cells,then the stem cells which are stored will be of no use and some of the members of few cord blood banks may take this as an opportunity and gain money.

  • Monitoring: 

Regular checking of the temperature of stem cells is needed. They should also check for continuous power supply to the cord blood bank. As when surrounding temperature increases there may be changes in the internal environment of stem cells and there are chances to lose their viability.

About the public banks and private banks:

  • Public banks offer free storage facilities for cord blood and they give stem cells for anyone who are in need including families of other persons. They may use the cord blood for research purposes also.
  • Private banks store the donated blood for the family members and donors only. They are expensive and collect money not only for registration but also for storing and also annual fee,shipping charges, etc.
  • Apart from these other categories are direct donation banks with a combination of both private and public banks.

Other cord blood banks in USA:

  • Viacord
  • Cryo cell
  • Americord
  •  Life Bank USA
  • Stem cyte
  • Miracle card

Among the one’s listed above, Viacord is of best value.Cryo Cell provides with best customer support and  best for placental banking is Life Bank USA.

Why is CBR chosen???        

It provides the families with rewards for the referral services about 50 to 100$. It has its own storage facility at different places.Its storage facility is near to the airport and this made the travelling easier. It provides good quality testing. It provides family health registry to all its customers.

Highest number of stored units of cord blood are registered in this cord bank only.It uses the modern technology for publishing it’s benefits and makes it available to reach every person.

It also has few disadvantages, they increased annual storage fee past five years for about 5 times.It doesn’t guarantee five years storage fee. It doesn’t disclose success rate of transplants. It is AABB  accredited for cord blood not cord tissue.

Comtimsion among the card blood banks in USA:


It is one of the largest and oldest cord blood banks in USA.Since 1990’s it began starting its service of storing units of cord blood.

It is located at Cambridge and  Massachusetts.It provides quality testing.This  blood bank discloses its results units of stem cells released for transplants and it has the highest release.They did not increase annual storage free last five years.It is AABB  accredited for cord tissue.

It is the only company to disclose transplant  survival rate which is more than 80%.It uses 5 compartment storage bag for cord tissue which is not adopted by other blood banks.


It is the earliest one to establish.It was established in the year 1989.It is AABB accredited for cord blood not for cord tissue.It doesn’t use five compartment multi storage bag for cord tissue.It doesn’t guarantee about five year annual storage fee for cord cells.

Annual storage fee increased once past five years.This is the best one to provide the best customer service with best online reviews.It also provides $10,000 refund if the graft is failed.

  • LIFE BANK USA:    

Unlike others, it stores placental tissue also  apart from cord blood.As they  extract cord blood  along with placental tissue, the quantity of stem cells collected will be more.

They say that they have discovered Unique stem cells present in the placental blood vessels.It is the first company to report successful treatment by using placental stem cells.This offers both public and private storage facilities.It is also accredited by AABB and FDA.

  • AMERICORD:            

It  is the newer blood bank established in 2008.The most unique feature of this court bank is it refunds entire amount you paid, if graft is failed during the treatment.

It doesn’t ask for monthly storage fee and no cancellation fee.You can customize the plan for storing based on your needs of your family.

  • STEMCYTE:                  

It is the first private cord bank to become a Health Resources and Services Administration partner(HRSA).It is both AABB and FACT approved.They offer a variety of payment plans to customers.They offer you compensation if your graft fails.  

  • MAZE CORD:               

It provides lowest storage fee when compared to all other banks.They use manual processing technique for stem cells this reduces contamination of blood cells and also high recovery rate present.They use unique heparin free collecting bag for stem cell storage as per the conditions of FDA.They also provide refund if your graft fails.It is not AABB accredited.


If  you don’t know about your genetic status, for example if you are adopted or born from in-vitro fertilization , it would be better that you don’t choose this cord blood bank.


So now I think you are acquainted with the knowledge of stem cells and be happy that you are providing the safest future for your family and your kids with the knowledge of the best cord blood bank in the USA.

But chances of the usage of these stem cells are very low according to studies and moreover many other effective treatments are present from the latest technology for any of the disease.Thank you for visiting our site , and please keep visiting the site for further information.

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