Check Out These Top 7 Popular Instagram Themes That Will Always Be Part Of The Trend

Instagram is all the rage now. It is no longer the image sharing platform it launched as in 2010. Needless to say, the last 10 years, Instagram has seen massive development and growth as a platform, making it the social media of choice for millennials and Gen-Zs across the world.

As it soars in popularity and introduces new features, creators, brands, and influencers on Instagram are looking to find their niche and create their own unique identity that sets them apart.

In recent times, for many people, Instagram is the first point of contact with a brand. With well-placed Instagram story and feed ads, people often find their next favorite brand while casually scrolling through Instagram.

Data shows that 30% of customers purchased a product from a brand’s page based on an ad or post that they came across on Instagram.

Even for influencers and creators, having a great Instagram strategy is a must for attracting followers and potential brand sponsorships.

Given the significance of the platform, users who have serious intentions of monetizing this platform or reaching a large audience through it must take the efforts of creating a visual aesthetic that appeals to the masses.

What is An Instagram Theme and Why Do You Need It?

The competition on Instagram is vicious. There are too many people doing the same thing on the platform such that you need to carve out a niche within your niche.

Having clean and thematic Instagram feed points to the fact that you have taken the time to figure out what you represent as a brand or individual. This can be a time-consuming process, but its results are worth the effort!

Popular Instagram Themes

Most Instagram marketing agencies would suggest that you pick out either a color or an aesthetic theme for your feed that works for your niche and then work towards maintaining it!

There are many styles of Instagram themes that might work for your profile. Here is a comprehensive guide to the top 7 themes that we think you should try out –

1. Golden Minimalism

This warm golden hue is an instant reminder of the summer days, and the joy it brings along with it. This theme is also an indicator of opulence and luxury with a touch of class and simplicity.

This theme is all about combining soft textures and structured shapes while adding in the gold through carefully shot imagery. By keeping one focal point in the image and a neutral background, you can keep your photos in this theme minimal.

2. Modern and Clean

This is quite a desirable theme for Instagrammers. It is clean, minimal, and simple, with a focus on what you want to showcase instead of pulling your focus to the background and surrounding elements.

In this, you can primarily use light colors with bright elements to create some contrast and can be used for products, quotes along with human elements. This works best for pastel and light color schemes.

You must focus on creating bold graphics without the frills, keeping your posts minimal and clean. Make sure that each creative has sufficient negative space around it.

3. Movement

If you are a fitness influencer or brand, this might just be the theme for you. This theme is bold and dynamic, with a strong focus on the human element combining it with strong colors and visual elements.

Your images have to be primarily consisting of people (or you) while in motion. You can intersperse your feed with bold texts to create a sense of contrast and to make the feed look less cluttered.

4. Textured View

Perfect for fashion and beauty influencers and brands, this theme is all about adding an added element of texture to your posts. It adds in a range of different types of imagery, making the page look three dimensional.

Pick and choose images and videos with a range of textures like water, earth, animals, and various surfaces. You can explore textures based on your niche, industry, or brand but get creative to find the key behind the best fit for this theme.

You can use one of the online editors to learn how to make a video with pictures of varied textural tones to create interesting content for your feed.

5. Color Pops

Since Instagram is a visual platform, playing around with colors can transform the way your feed looks for the better. It is very important for you to understand how you can utilize this to the maximum.

A particular style that we like is using black and white photos for the majority of your feed while adding a subtle color pop effect to certain parts to throw emphasis on it.

You can do this by sticking to your brand colors while creating a clean look for your feed. The sudden color pop elements help pull the attention of the audience to certain parts of the post as well.

6. Earthy Colour Transitions

A useful theme for brands that have cyclical nature of products, such as a fashion brand that launches new apparel every season, a constant color theme might just not be enough.

For these brands, a transitional theme works best with certain color palettes in neutral tones that can easily flow into a new collection or theme.

This theme on Instagram is not a last-minute affair. This requires weeks, if not months, of preparation to ensure that the content flows seamlessly without ruining the visual storytelling of the page.

7. Frame Play

Instagram’s 1:1 format can be restricting for you. With frames, you can fit in images of different dimensions in a 1:1 format. This allows you to explore different image styles.

This is a cheat code because you are using Instagram’s traditional format, but manipulating it just enough to fit in your understanding of imagery!

This can be used by individuals and brands alike, does not require too much preparation, and can save your grid without much investment into designing!


Instagram themes are essential. They are not a fancy way of creating content but rather a simple way to establish yourself as a creator or brand who takes care and pays attention to their content.

You can use the above styles to refine your feed, find inspiration and even, innovate and create your theme. For all you know, your theme might just inspire others!

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